WYRevolution offers collaborative facilitation services that foster consensus and build intellectual capacity. Our goal is to generate and/or revitalize relationships, create and ensure conversation focus, and develop a sense of purpose that allows groups to determine the best course of action for a particular set of issues. Our facilitators are well versed, having been trained at the Interaction Institute for Social Change, one of premier training facilities in the United States.  One of our focal points in this arena is convening conversations with internal and external stakeholders on fostering equitable outcomes for all.  The goal of this facilitation is to help the stakeholders develop institutional ideas that transform all lives, but particularly those whose voices who may be on the periphery, such as boys and men of color.

Examples of Facilitation:

Student Discipline Task Force – Va. Beach City Public Schools, Va. Beach, VA

Equity Plan Stakeholder Group – Sayre School, Lexington, KY

Equity Plan Stakeholder Group – Lexington Catholic High School, Lexington, KY

Making Connections Project: Creating an actionable plan to assist boys and men of color to thrive in New Orleans  – New Orleans Health Department, New Orleans, LA