Started from the Bottom: Building Equity from the Ground Up

“To be diverse is good. To be diverse and inclusive is great.  To be diverse, inclusive, and equitable – That’s Revolutionary.” – Charles Corprew

Equity. It’s a simple word, but it represents the hardest, most complex, yet rewarding work an organization can do to revolutionize its outcomes. This professional learning, for school leaders, non-profit and for-profit executives, and federal, state, and local government officials explores how to create and sustain the solid foundation of equitable culture within an organization.  This program encapsulates all of the services WYRevolution offers into one distinct package helping leaders identify:

  • The impetus for equity within an organization.
  • The critical issues needing solutions within an organization.
  • The leadership skills needed to influence an organization’s transition into an equitable culture.
  • The factors that impede their success in solving these issues such as bias, privilege, and marginalization.
  • The multitude of forces in play that create issues as well as those that offer opportunities for change.
  • How to use an equity lens to craft solutions that will ensure everyone has the ability to thrive within and outside of an organization.

This professional learning can be tailored to fit the needs of the organization.  It is typically offered as a two-day in-house session, but can be broken down over a period time to facilitate attendance and success of the program.

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